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Laser Alignment - Truck, Trailer, Bus, Coach, Van & 4x4

In today’s market a well maintained fleet is a must. Preventative maintenance begins with wheel, steering and axle alignment which is carried out using the JOSAM Laser Measuring System. Fuel and tyres account for a large percentage of the overall operating costs of a goods vehicle and with today’s narrow margins, a correctly aligned vehicle can often be the difference between profit and loss.

The versatility of this equipment allows the operator to measure wheel track, camber, toe in/out as well as multi axle/axle to chassis alignment and track. (Only the most severe misalignment can be detected by the naked eye).

At David Philp Commercials we are equipped to carry out the complex operation of checking steering geometry on 4x4’s and light vans with independent front suspension.

Just 1 degree of displacement causes a tyre to be dragged 17 metres sideways for every kilometre it travels.

If you add this to the additional stress caused by the vehicle running out of align, it is not difficult to calculate the unnecessary additional fuel and wear and tear costs to the operator

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