Commercial Vehicle Repair Specialists

Mission Statement

"We provide a truly broad and unique range of services to our clients. Our aim however, is never to rest on our laurels, but to further improve our technological advantage and maintain our customer care policy"


Chassis Re-alignment & Cab Jig Facilities

Our JOSAM System also includes chassis re-alignment and cab jig facilities. The chassis re-alignment system is an invaluable piece of equipment which once again benefits from laser technology. This floor based system operates using a series of press trolleys locked into a frame, which hold and apply pressure at specific points in order to return the chassis to its pre-accident state.

The use of a specialist heat induction system allows us to provide localised heat to the chassis in order to perform this operation with greater accuracy. This also eliminates the risk of melt spots associated with conventional gas heating. The cab jig simplifies the repair process to the most severely damaged cabs, often enabling us to repair cabs which otherwise would have to be replaced.

Here at David Philp Commercials we operate the pit version of JOSAM’s Frame Straightener. This facilitates better access to vehicles, (in particular, coaches and buses) ensuring the very highest standard of repair.

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